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◆ Technical support and service system:

Service support layer
● Telephone support: The customer reported to our company for details of the breakdown, service request time, contact person, and contact telephone number. A telephone support team composed of maintenance engineers responds to customer service requests, assists and guides customers in responding to customer service requests, assists and guides customers in solving problems.
● Remote support: When the telephone support service cannot solve the problem of equipment failure, or when telephone technical support is performed, the telephone support team adopts remote dialing and control technology to carry out far Diagnose the problem and propose a solution to the problem.
● Factory maintenance: Delivery equipment can be delivered to the equipment manufacturer's repair station for maintenance in a timely manner, improving the speed of maintenance.
● Spare parts consumables warehouse: The spare parts/consumables warehouse of this project has been set up, which can provide project spare parts for users in all areas quickly and easily.
● Statistical analysis: Statistical analysis of service work, timely detection of fault trends, and taking preventive measures.
● Emergency plan: According to the occurrence of various emergencies, a corresponding emergency plan is established to ensure the timely recovery of the user system.
Service Management
        The service management team is composed of the company's headquarters and vendor service management agencies. It provides remote technical support, technical consultation, and supervises and manages the next two levels of after-sales service.
● Remote support: When the telephone support service cannot solve the problem of equipment failure, or when telephone technical support is performed, the telephone support team adopts remote dialing and control technology to carry out far Diagnose the problem and propose a solution to the problem.
● Statistical analysis: statistical analysis of service work, timely detection of equipment failure trends, and taking preventive measures.
● After-sales service supervision and management: Track, supervise and assess service work, collect user complaints and process them within a week, and handle the results in written form (including fax) to urge improvement of service quality.
        The service supervision and complaint hotline provides 7×24 hours of round-the-clock service:
Customer's timely communication
        The customer can communicate directly with any level of after-sales service personnel and ask for service requirements. Recipients implement the first-responsibility system and, in accordance with the requirements of customers, inform the service departments at different levels to contact the customers to provide services so that the customer's problems can be satisfactorily resolved.
Active after-sales service
● The general after-sales service often responds passively to the customer's service requirements. At this time, the customer's system has caused problems that make it unusable, which greatly affects the daily work and business of the customer. In addition to timely service response, our company can also achieve active after-sales service through the above-mentioned three-tier after-sales service system so that system failures can be prevented and dealt with in advance, thus maximizing the availability of system operations.
● Service statistics analysis and warning information release: According to the analysis and statistics of maintenance history data, the equipment failure trend is estimated, and warning information is promptly issued through telephone, fax, e-mail, and online technical consulting services to remind customers to pay attention.
● Periodic Inspection and Preventative Maintenance: Periodic inspections can detect the initial phenomenon of system failures in time and take response measures in a timely manner. Preventive maintenance based on warning information ensures that the system is not stopped.
● Formulate contingency plans: For unavoidable failures and mistakes causing system outages, formulate a set of practical and feasible plans and corresponding measures. When such situations occur, make sure that they are well-informed and that they have taken appropriate actions to restore the stability of the system as soon as possible, or Resume system operation.

Spare parts and consumables

        If the equipment fails and cannot be returned to normal within the company's commitment to repair time, our company will provide spare equipment that is not lower than the grade of the faulted equipment specification for the customer to use until the faulty equipment is repaired.
        The company has set up a spare parts store for equipment, and special emergency equipment has experienced hardware failure.
        If it is not clear whether the equipment in the bidding has malfunctioned, our company will try its best to cooperate with the customer and the application system developer to check and, if necessary, arrive at the site during the promised response time to help eliminate the problem.

◆ After-sale service workflow   

After-sales service workflow description:
        When the hotline service personnel or maintenance personnel receives a request for a customer service (telephone or incoming person), first record the relevant user information (such as contact person, floor, telephone, fault phenomenon, etc.) on the service record account and put the related The content is recorded on the computer application maintenance sheet as a basis for the maintenance personnel to dispatch the work.
        After receiving the dispatch, the maintenance personnel immediately contact the user according to the service content and user information recorded on the application maintenance sheet to learn more about the situation and classify the fault classification. If the telephone can be resolved remotely, try to call it by phone. If you need a door-to-door service, you should check it out as soon as possible to solve the problem.
        The site can solve the problem. After the service work is completed, the maintenance personnel should promptly fill out the corresponding items of the maintenance order and inform the customer that the service work has been completed. Please confirm and sign the opinions and signature on the maintenance sheet.
The on-site problem cannot be solved and the failure classification and classification should be adopted.
        When troubleshooting returns the customer's equipment, the maintenance personnel should promptly complete the corresponding items on the computer application maintenance sheet to inform the user that the service work has been completed. Please confirm and sign the opinions and signature on the service sheet.
        The maintenance personnel enter the service content on the computer application maintenance list into the “Service Hotline” column of the company’s website before they leave work every day; the hotline service personnel will send the daily service record account and computer application maintenance notice to the person in charge of the department for signature and review. The person-in-charge conducts a review of their service list and conducts a telephone call, checks the service status, service attitude, and listens to the opinions of users. Service record accounts and computer application maintenance records should be filed for record.
        For the maintenance process, a telephone call should be made within a week to understand the service conditions and equipment usage and record it.
After-sales service complaints processing:
Standardize complaints and report processing procedures, establish a strict management system for service complaints and reports. Accept customer complaints and reports in the following ways:
● Special complaints and reports
● The website of the company’s website to set up comment solicitations;
● letter;
● Other channels.
        When receiving a customer complaint or report, the customer should be thanked for detailed record of the specific situation, immediately transmitted to the relevant department or leadership. The complaint was answered within 10 days and reported within 10 days.
        Regarding customer complaints, regardless of where the responsibility is attributed, they should be handled with enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and conscientiousness. They must not be subject to internal excuse, congestion, or perfunctory in the process of handling.
        Establish a return visit system for complaints and reports to customers. To timely track the progress of complaints and reports, supervise them, and provide timely notification.

◆ After-sales service commitment

        (1) Commitment during the free warranty period: For the warranty period of the product from the date of purchase, the goods purchased by the user are non-human damage and can be replaced without any conditions. All equipment is guaranteed free warranty service within 18 months of warranty.
        (2) The free warranty expires after the promise: after the warranty period continues to provide users with replacement of the cost of the cost of services, service processes, response time, repair time, etc. are consistent with the commitment during the warranty period.

◆ After-sales service contact

        (1) Maintenance telephone response, hotline 021-58550398, 24-hour service hotline 18918929868, at any time to respond to user requirements.
        (2) Company address: Building 4, No. 150 Cailun Road, Zhangjiang, Shanghai, Tel: 021-58550298.
        (3) Contact: Huang Gong 18918929868